Who knew Bruce Springsteen was a burger aficionado. Hannah, a die-hard fan of the Boss, started a very unique blog about her adventures across the world. She writes about two things: Going to Bruce Springsteen concerts everywhere you could imagine, and the best burger joints in proximity to the concert. The blog is appropriately titled "Burgers And Bruce".

Hannah recently had the opportunity of a lifetime. She ran into Bruce Springsteen and asked him about, you guessed it, his favorite burgers.

An excerpt from Hannah's blog entry,

I explain about Burgers and Bruce. How the idea came about before seeing him play in New York, while eating a burger. I tell him it's about my travels around the world to his concerts, the experiences I have, the food I eat, the incredible 'Bruce Buds' I meet. I show him my blog. I can't believe it, because I'm showing him a blog about him, and according to him "it's very cool".

My Bruce Springsteen blog is Bruce Springsteen endorsed. No I am not dreaming.

Then Bruce tells me about the burgers he likes. He chats away, and he smiles when he talks about them. He talks slowly and passionately and is effortlessly cool. He doesn't like anything fancy...he loves them "very very simple".

He knows a lot about burgers. He shares some of his wisdom with me: "A burger in 1950s America. It's nothing like what you get now. A thin little patty, squirted with ketchup, and that's the only type of burger there was. So I still have a fondness for a good diner burger". He likes the soda syrup mixed properly and the right style fries. Apparently "Johnny Rockets does it pretty good".

Bruce continues, "There's an art to it, but it's mostly lost. There's only a few places that sell a really good diner burger".

A fuss free, unassuming, old style diner burger. I'd hoped that might be the answer.

I then ask him if he's tried a Shake Shack, one of my favourite burger places. He says that he hasn't, but that he'll have to "check it out". I hope he does. Sounds like he'll like them.

Of course, I forget to ask him if he'll go for a burger with me. Maybe I knew the answer to that one already.

What is your favorite burger joint in New Jersey? Share your choice in the comment section below.