Can you believe it was 40 years ago this past weekend (Jan 5th) that Bruce Springsteen’s debut album ‘Greetings from Asbury Park' was released?  


“This was the miracle” Bruce told the crowd in Buffalo back in 2009 when he played the album in its entirety closing out the “Working on a Dream” tour. “This was the record that took us from way below zero to …….one”


That performance was dedicated to Mike Appel who managed Springsteen at the time and bullied Columbia records A and R guy John Hammonds secretary into giving his client an audition. Hammond was so impressed he thought he’d found the new Bob Dylan.


Meanwhile in Bruce’s hometown of Freehold, the record was being outsold by the Partridge Family. This is ironic because it was Mike Appel who wrote the Partridge Family's hit “Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted.”

Now it’s Bruce who’s wanted by fans all over the world, who hang on his every lyric and can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. Rock n Roll was born out of rebellion by kids who needed an outlet to express themselves and their views on authority. Bruce not only continues to do that but remains relevant in the process.  Like Bruce would say during the break of “Growin Up” live “It was Bye Bye New Jersey. We was airborn” May the plane never come down. You can watch Bruce perform a live version of the song, below.