Marilyn Rocky talks about losing out on the gift of a lifetime.

Marilyn Rocky explains how people started to find out about Bruce Springsteen's former home.

Marilyn Rocky was the landlord of 7 ½ West End Court in Long Branch when Bruce Springsteen was the tenant there in the mid 70s.

This is the house where Springsteen wrote most of his iconic Born To Run album that went up for sale last month for $299,000.

When Marilyn sold the house 20 years ago, she forgot to take something with her. It was a gift that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band autographed, along with the date, as a gift for her. The problem is that she had no idea that the band had left that for her.

The way Marilyn found out about the gift is even more unbelievable. According to USA Today, saxophonist and crowd favorite Clarence Clemons told Rocky that the band had signed the instrument under the lid. “Hey Landlordess,” Clemons said to her at a chance meeting at a Red Bank dentist. “After we finished Born to Run, we all autographed it with the date, so it’s there for you." When she tried to retrieve it, it was already too late. It was put out to the curb with other trash for bulk pickup.

Marilyn Rocky called into the Deminski and Doyle Show today to talk about what happened and how it felt to find out a collectors item of that magnitude slipped out of her hands after having it under her nose for so many years.