Grayson Hugh had three hits make the Hot 100, but has also found success in composing, especially for movies.

His sound is described as “blue-eyed soul”; his album, “Blind To Reason” spawned the three chart hits he had.  In 1989, “Talk It Over” became his first, and biggest single, peaking at # 19.  His third and final hit, “How ‘Bout Us” was a remake of the Champaign hit and it hit #67.

It was the song in between those two that I requested however, because I feel it is his best single: “Bring It All Back”.  His next album was not as successful, but director Ridley Scott got an advice copy and included two of the songs in his film, “Thelma And Louise”.

 Hugh continues to tour to this day, and no, Big Joe didn’t play my request.

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