With the bombing in NYC, Seaside and Elizabeth it might be easy to forget that Monday marked the opening of the #Bridgegate Trial.

Two defendants face multiple charge relating to the  closure of lanes entering the George Washington Bridge. I knew Bill Baroni from my days in politics but what I didn't know is that he was an informant for the FBI!  Although I didn't know David Wildstein, apparently he knew me. One of my favorite headlines from my political career was written by him under his pen name "Wally Edge." This was where he wrote "The massive ego formerly known as Bill Spadea."

That and a very interesting strategy on both sides of the trial to drag Governor Christie into the mix. I still believe that the governor had no knowledge of what was going on.

For me, it's not about the traffic. Yes, it was an extremely annoying couple of days for anyone that had to go over the George Washington Bridge., there's no doubting that. But the issue I have in this case is about the politicians. This is about the political corruption and the fact that NJ politicians think they are above the system. Where else would politicians think they could get away with closing roads because for political retribution?

Only in Jersey!

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