Last Friday, David Wildstein made headlines when he pleaded guilty to charges involving Bridgegate and implicated Bill Baroni and former deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly in the scandal. Today, Kelly is asking people to donate to her legal defense fund.

Bridget Anne Kelly (Mel Evans-Pool/Getty Images)

Despite Wildstein's accusations against both Kelly and Baroni regarding the Bridgegate scandal, they both maintain their innocence. Now Kelly is asking you to donate to her legal defense fund.

On her website, Kelly states why she needs your help to fund her defense: "I am determined to clear my name and restore a sense of normalcy for my 4 children. This Fund will aid in ensuring truth and justice prevails."

Would you donate to Kelly's fund? Dennis said he would consider donating. "Mother of four, still hot, needs money. Where do I sign up?" He joked.

Judi was less forgiving. She said that since she wanted to get into politics that "you reap what you sow." What are your thoughts? Would you donate? Sound off on our poll below!