Brick Township will follow the lead of neighboring towns by proposing changes to toughen its laws on soliciting.

(Jorge Salcedo, ThinkStock)

The township is looking to strengthen Ordinance 324 on "Pedaling and Soliciting."

Toms River and Jackson Townships recently made their "No Knock" laws stricter in the wake of real estate agents from Lakewood allegedly pressuring and harassing homeowners to sell.

Council President Paul Mummolo said although there have been no reported incidents of that happening in Brick, the township wanted to take a proactive approach.

"We're revising it to keep it in line with other Brick neighboring towns," Mummolo said.

The proposed revisions being introduced at Tuesday's council meeting would shorten the soliciting hours, which were originally 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., according to Mummolo.

"But, were going to change that to 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or sundown, whichever is earlier," Mummolo said.

Mummolo said homes with "No Knock" stickers would be off limits to solicitors and discriminatory acts would be prohibited by real estate agents and potential buyers.

"No Knock" stickers are available online or at the Brick Township Municipal Complex and cost $1, according to Mummolo.

"When a solicitor comes in to register what areas they're going to call, what streets they're going to call, they'll get a list of homes to stay away from that are on the No Knock ordinance," Mummolo said.

While Toms River allows realtors to apply for permits to canvass neighborhoods, Mummolo said Brick Township would not give realtors permission to do that.

"We're going to deal with that on an individual basis when the time arises how we feel. If you give them a permit, that means we're granting them permission to go out and do that, and we're not looking to do that," said Mummolo.

Other changes also include making adults accompany any minors, 16 and younger, who want to solicit door-to-door in Brick, according to Mummolo.

The proposed amendments are being introduced tonight, with public hearing and final reading expected at the Dec. 15 Council meeting.

Mummolo isn't anticipating any opposition with the proposed changes to the "Pedaling and Soliciting" ordinance.

"I think people in the town will be happy that we're being pro-active in doing something," he added.