When I was 17 I cut school with my friends Joe Fortunato, Jerry DiPillo, and Glen Stuart, whom you may know as the lead singer of  the B Street Band. Our plan was to go to Great Adventure and apply for jobs figuring they would show us the park and we would get in for free. When we got there they chickened out and I refusing to drive down there for nothing, went in and got hired.

I worked there for 5 years and had an unbelievable time!  When I left to pursue my radio career, I dreamed that someday I would go back and perform. That dream came true Saturday night when I got  to take the stage with my friends Carl LaBove and  Uncle Floyd and provide the comedy for the Brew- HaHa.  Big Joe Henry was great as usual opening the show. Opening is a tough job and Big Joe set the bar high as he usually does. I opened with some Great Adventure jokes, then segued into television, sports, and of course New Jersey.


Carl Labove who started touring with Sam Kinison and appeared on HBO, SHOWTIME and the Tonight show, was telling us backstage about hanging with Robin Williams , then went out and killed, only to be followed by the Legendary Uncle Floyd who jokes had people in stitches and songs had people clapping along and laughing as well. It’ss always good to play in front of an audience that spent 3 and a half hours “sipping” beer. They gave new meaning to the 2 drink minimum;) Having sampled all the beer, I think we should have put up a sign that said  “You must be this high to see this show”

Thanks Great Adventure for another great time!