By Jeff Deminski

State Senator Nicholas Scutari is the main sponsor of a bill that would replace license suspension with a breathalyzer ignition lock for drunk drivers in New Jersey. Except for the first 10 days while the ignition lock was being ordered and installed, there wouldn't be any suspension of driving privileges for first time offenders. Even for second and third time drunk driving offenders, they could still get around on a restricted license.

Is that enough punishment? Proponents of a restricted license argue we live in such a car necessary society that the loss of one's license can mean the loss of one's job. But isn't this the risk you take when you drink and drive? Shouldn't the fallout from such a stupid decision, the impact and burden on your life, be severe? Seems to me we're not doing anyone any favors here by allowing a drunk driver to still drive, ignition lock or not. How about a stiff license suspension PLUS a breathalyzer lock once you get your license restored?