By Bill Doyle

According to Intimacy (bra fit stylists), the average American woman's bra size has increased three cup sizes over the past 30 years, going from a 34B to an eye-popping 34DD. It was based on the size of a bra a woman buys.

From The Inquisitr,

A spokesperson for Intimacy, Erika Graham, stated, “Instead of forcing D+ breasts into A to D cup bras, women are beginning to purchase large cup sizes (G cup, for example) that actually fit properly.”

She then also added that twenty years ago there were only 20 bra sizes on the American market, which meant that “women with bigger breasts squeezed into bras that were two or more cup sizes too small.”

There are conflicting opinions on why this is happening; one camp maintains that women's chest sizes haven't changed, they're just more likely to buy the right size now, while the other camp says there has been a quantifiable increase in chests.

Let's not worry about the reason, let's just enjoy it.