Bullying took center stage during Governor Christie's latest town hall in Bergen County.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

The final question from the audience in Garfield was reserved for 11 year-old Peter Schwartz of Pt. Pleasant.

"I understand the bullying law that you passed, but I don't understand what to do if a person in authority is bullying me."

Christie said first he should tell his parents and use their help to go to the boss of the person doing the bullying.

"And if it turns out that's not going well, and you don't get satisfaction, then maybe that person will get a call from the state commissioner of Education, who is everyone's boss in education."


The governor said unfortunately, there has been some examples of this in the news recently.

"The case in Cherry Hill and some other places, where people who are in authority and are entrusted with children everyday, are acting in a way that may be completely inappropriate...there's no excuse for it."

The boy then followed up by asking the governor for a note for school, which Christie signed to thunderous applause.


Courtesy Governor's Office