If you want to know if I'll be knee deep in Barbie dolls or knee deep in Nerf guns, just play the video to find out!

There is a place in New Jersey, an awesome, amazing place, called View A Miracle. You've heard of 3-D ultrasounds? Where it isn't just that black and white x-ray looking picture of your unborn child, but rather a 3D image that really shows exactly what they are looking like in the womb. We used this place more than a year ago to find out the gender of our first baby who turned out to be our son Atticus. Well this weekend we went to their new location in East Brunswick for a 16 week ultrasound. Yes, they can tell as early as 16 weeks.

So we are having a...nah, I won't make it that easy. You can watch the video and find out exactly how Atticus found out if he's having a little sister or a little brother. Oh and this View A Miracle place set us up with the box and what's inside it that you'll see in the video. They pretty much do everything there, and no this is not a commercial but as one expectant parent to another I just love what they do and wanted to let you know.

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