Bruce Springsteen, who called Donald Trump "a moron" in Rolling Stone took to London television to expand on that.

Regardless of whether you agree with "The Boss," you have to give him credit for giving his opinion this way and not charging you for it under the guise of a concert. That's unlike Amy Schumer who did just that last Sunday in Tampa.  it's one thing to give your opinion. It's another to charge an audience for it and then humiliate and threaten those who do not agree with you.

Springsteen, when asked by Rolling Stone if he’s lost faith in whatever power he has to influence a campaign. said, “No, I haven’t really lost faith in what I consider to be the small amount of impact that somebody in rock music might be able to have. I don’t think people go to musicians for their political points of view."

I think some may start out that way, but then once they get older and their appetite wetter, they find their own voice.

Today we get opinions from so many places but they should all be free, with us being able to take or leave them as we choose, as opposed to having them sneaked into an event that you're paying for.

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