Another story that restores your faith in man.

A man eating dinner in a Boston area restaurant couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between what he believed to be a mother and daughter receiving bad news about one’s diagnosis.

Moving him to perhaps lighten their load somewhat, he took the couple’s tab along with his own and paid it with a note he’d written on the bill.

When one mystery diner in a Boston restaurant overheard a mother and daughter get some bad news, he took out a pen and scribbled this note to his waiter: "Do me a favor and bring me their check, too. Someone just got diagnosed. Don't tell them." The waiter, impressed by his customer's act of kindness, posted the note on Reddit.

The waiter, known as Whiskkas on Reddit, writes that the two women started crying after the daughter received a phone call mid-meal, and that he then combined the two bills as requested. He added: "I waited until the guy left and told them he had taken care of their check, and that he said best wishes, which was what he said to do on the note he wrote me on his second bill. The mother cried even harder, I almost lost it."

The single guy who had been sitting next to them had been friendly to me all evening, making jokes and such. When he was finished I gave him his check, and inside the billfold was his credit card and the note that I took a picture of. I combined the 2 checks, and he paid for both. I waited until after he had left to tell them their check had been taken care of. The mother was overwhelmed with gratitude, as was I. It was a great evening.

I love it when stories like this go viral. Too bad they’re overshadowed by stories of JWoww’s not seeing eye to eye with Chris Christie, or how much Kim Kardashian’s ass has shrunk since giving birth…if even.

The Mystery Diner – Today’s Ray’s Ray of Hope!