Bordentown High School students shut out of the prom got some good news on Wednesday.

Visitors watch a hammerhead shark swim at Adventure Aquarium (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

At a school assembly district Interim Superintendent Joseph Miller confirmed that the Adventure Aquarium in Camden has made 50 more seats available for the Junior-Senior Prom on June 6. Miller does not expect all the additional tickets to be sold.

However, those who purchase the new new allotted tickets will have to pay an additional $5 for the bus that will take students to the prom.

Many last minute prom ticket buyers were disappointed to learn that the prom was sold out when they went to purchase tickets on Monday.  Only 299 prom tickets were made available for sale to a combined junior and senior class numbering 300, according to the Times of Trenton with approximately leaving many students without a ticket.

The room at the Aquarium rented by the school can only accommodate 350 for a sit-down dinner and 500 for a buffet dinner, according to the Aquarium’s website.

Aquarium spokeswoman Connie Kluge said on Tuesday that when they heard about the school's dilemma, they were able to open up another room and add seats. Miller would not confirm on Tuesday that the school was taking up the Aquarium on their offer. "We cannot violate a fire code, and it's too late to think about another venue," said Miller.

Parent Sarah Haulenbeek, meanwhile, took matters into her own hands and started a petition at to "to allow all students to attend their high school prom and in particular allow all seniors to have the opportunity to purchase prom tickets," according to the Times of Trenton.

Dino Flammia contributed to this report.