2013 is shaping up to be another big year for those Jersey boys known as Bon Jovi.

Brad Barket/Getty Images


In a recent interview with Billboard, there will be a lot of surprises when Bon Jovi hits the road in just a few weeks on their "Because We Can" Tour that kicks off in Uncasville, CT, on February 9th.

"With every tour we try to up our game with that, without making it such a production that you lose the fact there's a band there," keyboardist David Bryan told Billboard during a pre-tour conference call with reporters. "For us it enhances what we do, and we've got some really cool tricks up our sleeve. It's really looking cool." Asked to reveal a couple, however, Bryan says, "Nope. Then it wouldn't be a surprise."

This is new territory, even for Bon Jovi, as they will be out on tour way ahead of their new album, "What About Now," which is slated to be released March 26th. So the set list will evolve as the tour progresses. The band even says that they are ready with an ever-changing set list from night to night.

According to Bryan, There's extra ones on the side he'll call, so we're always ready," Bryan said. "We never do the same set twice...We play for at least two and a half hours, sometimes longer, so there's a lot of songs from all the records. And we know there's a stable we as fans would want to hear, so we always give them, then we change up a bunch of songs and throw in a couple new ones."

Since many fans won't be familiar with the new music right away, guitarist Richie Smabora noted, "We'll give you the title of the song first." One song that fans can probably bank on  hearing early on in the tour is the band's first single off the new album 'What About Now' which is entitled "Because We Can."

The band has been delighting millions of fans for almost 30 years now with their music and are now eligible for the entrance into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. While Richie Sambora would like to see the band rewarded for all their years of hard work and says "I'd like to see us make it in there before we're dead," he quickly adds that, "I don't think anybody's dwelling on it."

The band realizes that as great as they are, they will now join a list with a lot of other great groups waiting to get that call into music immortality. As drummer Tico Torres put it, "There's a long list of great bands that need to go in there, and only a few can go in every year. It's something that even being nominated is an honor. It's nice to be in that company. There's such a long list of great, great musicians and some that are still alive that are eligible. You don't lose sleep over it."

Whether they get the call into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or not, the band will go on entertaining fans worldwide in 2013, because, well, as the song says, "because they can."