MANORHAVEN, N.Y. (AP) -- Police say a boat exploded while being refueled at a Long Island marina, killing a man aboard and burning a dock worker who pushed the fiery vessel away from the shore.

Boat after exploding during refueling in a Long Island harbor (CBS New York)

Nassau County police say the 33-foot motorboat went up in flames Wednesday afternoon at the Manhasset Bay Marina in Manorhaven. They say a man aboard the boat who was hurled into the water suffered fatal injuries.

Police say the boat drifted to a nearby dock, setting it on fire and damaging two more boats.

A marina worker who came running to the dock managed to push the boat away, setting it adrift. Police say the worker suffered burns to his arms and face and was hospitalized in stable condition.

Police are treating the man's death as a homicide. His name hasn't been released.

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