As you know, every Friday on our show we recognize men and women in uniform as part of #BlueFriday. In addition to this weeks honoree, a local Rabbi called in to Bill Spadea to praise his local police department.

Rabbi Yaakov Chaiton runs a Jewish organization in Robbinsville, and every Hanukkah they run a celebratory "Menorah Car Parade" throughout Mercer County. In order to pull this off, Rabbi Chaiton needed some help from the Robbinsville Police Department, and one officer in particular stood out.

Robbinsville patrol officer Wayne Haugh answered right away to Rabbi Chaiton's call, and went above and beyond to help the cause. Officer Haugh was able to provide the Rabbi with three officers to help guide this parade throughout Mercer County.

It's also notable that traffic in Robbinsville was suffering major issues in December, due to the recently opened Amazon Warehouse in the town.

Bill Spadea had no idea that this parade existed, and if it wasn't for Officer Haugh and the Robbinsville Police Department, the parade wouldn't have been as successful as it was.

Listen to the full interview with Rabbi Yaakov Chaiton in the clip above.

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