A Bloods gang member was sentenced for his role in a violent 2008 New Brunswick  shooting that claimed the life of a 19-year-old man and left another victim with a bullet wound in the back.

Davon Parker (Photo: NJ Office of Attorney General)

Davon Parker, 24, of Edison was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Tuesday, Dec. 4. after pleading guilty to first-degree racketeering charges in 2010, according to NJ's Office of the Attorney General.

In pleading guilty, Parker, a member of the Nine Trey Headbusta set of the Bloods gang admitted that he assisted planning and carrying out the 2008 shooting of fellow gang member Devin Thompson, 19.

The shooting occurred on Nichol Avenue in New Brunswick June 2, 2008. The victim's friend Christopher Whitsett was also shot but survived the attack.

Parker must serve at least 10 years in prison without parole under the "No Early Release Act."

Two other gang members, Syree Hakins and Tyrane Mathis have earlier pleaded guilty to first-degree racketeering charges in connection with the murder and were sentenced in 2011. Hakins, 40, of West Orange was sentenced to 16 years.. Mathis, 36, of Newark received 12 years in prison and both have admitted participating in the murder.