As I am sure many of you are aware, olympians have spent their entire lives training in hopes that one day they will be honored to play in the olympic games. They spend the majority of their time at the gym training and dieting.

When they finally make it to the olympic games, commentators talk about their form, skill , emotions while competing, and what they did to train.

However, while the commentators are praising them for their athletic abilities, they fail to praise the obvious: how undeniably sexy some of them are.

Although their athletic ability and lifelong dedication is clearly admirable I find myself tuning out most of the commentary and drooling overt the bodies and faces of these athletes. From the beautiful facial bone structure of Hope Solo, to the abs on Matt Anderson, to the tight, motionless butt of Aly Raisman, I think it is safe to say that the USA is one extremely good looking country.

That having been said, I have decided to go where no sports commentator has gone before and pay tribute to their sexiness with a "Sexiest Olympians Bracket."

I have hand picked these athletes myself based on the amount of medals they've won, sportsmanship, personality and most importantly, physical appearance. But, I need your help to narrow down the top 16 men and women to determine the sexiest olympians.

Vote in the first round through Monday at 12noon.