By Jeff Deminski

A 16 year old St. Peter's Prep student who was running for Student Council back in May had received four hate filled, racist text messages.

According to,

The 16-year-old was running for president for the Student Council in May when he supposedly received four hateful text messages. He brought them to the attention of school officials who called in his father and police.

“We have NEVER and will NEVER have an (n-word) to lead our school,” was one of the messages supposedly sent to the student, who at the time was a resident in Jersey City.

Months later, it is now confirmed the boy did it himself. He sent himself vile racist text messages then went public with them.

Was he trying to play the victim card to throw the election in his favor with sympathy voting? Is he just nuts and learning race baiting early? Who knows. But how disgusting. This vile act unfairly put every white student at St. Peter's in Jersey City under suspicion. The police say they won't comment further on this investigation because the boy is a juvenile. I certainly hope they bring charges of filing a false police report on him and throw the book at him. This could have done immeasurable damage to the reputation of the school.

If your wondering how that election ended up, he lost the race for student council president but was elected vice-president. A source says he no longer attends the school.

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