Here's list if some headlines that the editors didn't quite think through before publishing. I hope you get as many out-loud laughs out of it as I did.

"Worker suffers leg pain after crane drops 800-pund ball on his head."

"Bridges help people cross rivers"

"City unsure why the sewer smells"

"Study shows Frequent Sex Enhances Pregnancy Chances"

"Man Accused of Killing Lawyer Receives a New Attorney"

"Puerto Rican teen named mistress of the universe"

"County to pay $250,000 to advertise lack of funds"

"Caskets found as workers demolish mausoleum"

"Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop. Find Weapons"

"Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25"

"Meat head resigns"

"Barbershop singers bring joy to school for the deaf"

"Homicide victims rarely talk to police"

"Hospitals resort to hiring doctors"

"Man with 8 DUIs blames drinking problem"

"New sick policy requires 2-day notice"

"Nudists fight erection of towers near Wreck Beach"

"Parents keep kids home to protest school closure"

"Police arrest everyone on February 22nd"

"The bra celebrates a pair of historic milestones this year"

"Rangers get whiff of Colon"

"Miracle cure kills fifth patient"

Have you read some outrageous but memorable and funny headlines? Add to the list by commenting below.