Just days ago we talked about the animal rights protests at Teterboro airport, where there were over 600 bird strikes reported in a decade. Because bird strikes pose such a huge danger to inbound and outbound aircraft (think about the Miracle On The Hudson case), officials there have been trapping birds and euthanizing geese and gulls to minimize the danger to humans.

Animal rights nuts are having none of it. They were out in full force holding signs blasting the Port Authority, such as TOLL $ = BLOOD $, Stop Animal Cruelty and the like. The airport isn't just randomly, cruelly killing birds. Only the ones posing the most risk. Furthermore they are doing things like adding structural barriers, removing trees, draining puddles to discourage roosting and perching. It's complicated because Teterboro sits on an 827 acre ecosystem that is home to bird species now considered by experts a serious threat to air safety.

Once again, the misguided animal rights activists are choosing animal life over human life. And if they don't think bird strikes pose serious dangers to air travel, they should take a look at these pictures of a United Airlines 737 that was on approach to Denver from Dallas/Ft. Worth just yesterday when it suffered a bird strike. Take a look at this then tell me Teterboro is wrong. You can see more coverage of this bird strike by clicking here.