In case you’re wondering what ever happened to Billy Squier, he’s alive and well and his music lives on in the world of hip hop. 

The 80’s pop star who had hits with “The Stroke” and “Everybody Wants You” saw his career crash and burn with an ill fated video for “Rock Me Tonight,” in which Squier was cavorting through satin sheets. Fast forward about 30 years, and the Stroke master has become the most sampled musician in the history of hip hop.

These are the songs you can ‘The Stroke” sampled in:

  • Eminem, “Berserk”
  • Mickey Avalon, “Stroke Me”
  • Company Flow, “Wurker Ant Uprise”
  • Grandwizzard Johnny O and the Might Sorcerer Crew, “When It Breaks”

“The Big Beat,” 1980 has been sampled in:

  • Jay-Z, “99 Problems”
  • Kanye West and Pusha T, “Looking for Trouble”
  • Dizzee Rascal, “Fix Up, Look Sharp”
  • Nas feat., “Hip Hop is Dead”
  • Puff Daddy, “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”
  • A Tribe Called Quest, “We Can Get Down”
  • Big Daddy Kane, “Put Your Weight On It,” “Get Down,” “Ain’t No Half Steppin,” “The Beef Is On” and “3 Forties and a Bottle of Moet”
  • Ice Cube, “Jackin’ for Beats”
  • Alicia Keys, “Girl on Fire”
  • Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, “Magic Carpet Ride”

Watch the videos below to hear Squier's "The Stroke," and "The Big Beat."

Have you heard any of your favorite old songs sampled in new hits? Comment below.