There was a time in a far off land (Deer Park, NY); when an unknown aspiring country artist from Flatwoods, Kentucky introduced the world to a short lived but much hyped dance craze called the “Achy Breaky!”

That singer’s name – Billy Ray Cyrus.

And the place where he introduced the craze was a small country venue called Matty T’s in Deer Park.
He remembered it well the couple of times I’d spoken to him about it.

Sort of like how you remember your first love – even after you’ve gone on to conquer the world.

Well, “conquer the world” is a bit strong since those days, but Billy Ray has had himself somewhat of a half-decent career after that.

Starring in his own TV show, having a couple of mid chart country hits – and raising a fine daughter who’d entertain kiddies all over the world with the exploits of Hannah Montana.

Well – those days are long past.

Hannah has morphed into her evil twin Miley – and Billy seems to want to do Miley one better with revisiting one of his more embarrassing moments by creating something even more embarrassing.

Behold! “Achy Breaky 2!”

The country singer, 52, has released a hip hop remix of his 1992 hit song "Achy Breaky Heart," aptly titled "Achy Breaky 2" as a collaboration with rapper Buck 22.

The music video for the song debuted on VEVO Tuesday, and features a wild country-rock-rap ruckus aboard a space craft. There are scantily clad, twerking female "aliens," and a lot of two steppin' moves.

The video is introduced by legendary newscaster Larry King, who announces that there has been an "unidentified flying object" over Kentucky.

Ray note: The guy can’t stay retired – does he REALLY need the money?

Then Cyrus and a young cowboy companion are abducted aboard the party saucer. The twerking aliens surround the country star while he plays a guitar, and his cowboy friend grows into Buck 22.

“It happened because I happened to meet up with Billy Cyrus,” he raps.
“Been next to BRC on TMZ, got everyone wonderin’ who I am.”

There's even one mention of a "wrecking ball," obviously a nod to Cyrus’ pop star daughter.

Hmm….perhaps Buck might even get child rearing tips from his country counterpart.