Legislation that would help college students find jobs by providing tax credits to employers who hire post-secondary students for internships has been released by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Mario Tama, Getty Images

"This is an innovative and creative job creation bill geared toward young workers struggling in this economy," said Assemblyman Craig Coughlin, co-sponsor of the measure.  "This bill is designed to encourage businesses to hire post-secondary students to learn firsthand about their chosen field of study and help them get their foot in the door to eventually secure full-time employment."

"No piece of legislation will pull us out of this sluggish economy, but a measure such as this one will certainly help," said Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt, bill co-sponsor.  "It is our obligation to provide New Jersey's students with the best possible educational experience and internships are one of the best ways to prepare our young people for the workforce and beyond."

Under the legislation, corporation business tax credits and gross income tax credits would be granted to qualified enterprises for wages paid to qualified interns.  A qualified intern would be any student enrolled and in good standing at a four-year college in the state, a county collge or an accredited post-secondary business, technical, trade or vocational school.

"Creating jobs, no matter how many, must be or number one priority," said Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker, bill co-sponsor.  "In a market as tight as this one, young people need every advantage possible to help break into their chosen field."