I've said many times on my radio show that I'm "diggin in" and staying in New Jersey. I thought for a minute today that I had 2 NJ actors signing up to stay in the Garden State with me but it didn't quite work out that way.

When I asked Andy Peeke if he was from New Jersey, he originally told me "I'm from California but I live in New Jersey." I found out from his co-star in the movie "House Broken," that Peeke doesn't necessarily say that same thing when the majority of people ask him where he is from or where he lives. Peeke, who lives in Bergen County, New Jersey, apparently tells people that he lives elsewhere and it is definitely not in the Garden State.

So to find out the truth, I played a little role play game with Andy to find out the truth. Listen to the clip and see where Andy really tells people he resides in the clip above.

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