Thursday was a huge day at New Jersey 101.5. My broadcast partner since the mid 90's, Bill Doyle, returned to the show after severe complications from chemotherapy. I was so happy to see he looked in much better shape than we all expected. He's already put back on 11 pounds in just about two weeks, and the fact that he's lost his hair from cancer treatment only makes the guy look as tough as he is.

I told him he looks like former military. His wife even said she likes the look. Bill is the only one who seems to think he looks bad. He really doesn't! To prove it, compare Bill Doyle's new look to these famous bald guys. I'm telling you Bill, you've got this! Vote in our poll who wears it best. Hands down my vote goes to Big Bill Doyle!

Getty Images

Photo credits: Sean Connery - Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images, Bruce Willis - Matthew Eisman/Getty Images, Vin Diesel and Pitbull - Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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