It's been a long time, my friend. Welcome home!

The last time I did the show with Bill Doyle was Friday, May 5. For weeks he was in the hospital dealing with complications from chemotherapy. After that it was another week in a rehab facility. It's been a long road, but great news.

Bill returns to the Deminski & Doyle show Thursday June 15.

I already know he has some crazy stories to tell about his time away. Make sure you're listening 2 to 7 p.m. Thursday to welcome him back and get caught up!

I've said this before, but Bill has been remarkable in the way he's handled cancer. He's been so open about it, even recording parts of his chemo sessions and sharing them with the world. I know it's helped others going through similar things. But the guy's spirit, resilience, and sense of humor throughout has been most amazing. Instead of thinking how bad things were for him, he chose to recognize how others had things worse. You're awesome, Bill. Welcome back!

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