My wife and I traveled to Seton Hall on Saturday for a family event at the college, and that gave me the opportunity to try a new burger place, Stony’s in South Orange. There are some not so nice parts of South Orange we have been through before, but Stony’s is in nice area of shops and businesses, although we did have to walk the long way around since an unattended backpack had filled the street with police cars and firetrucks.

We placed our order at the counter (no table service) and found a nice table outdoors on their patio. I ordered a bacon double cheeseburger; they didn’t ask me how I wanted it cooked, so I guess you just take it the way they cook it. The burger came out with plenty of cheese and bacon and they do have an impressive array of toppings. The burger itself had a good, “cooked on an open flame” flavor, but it was extremely dry, as in, not juicy at all. The cheese fries were so-so, but my wife liked their sweet potato fries. The five of us ate for about $60.

Conclusion: The burger, the star of the show, was tasty but dry, so while I would probably go back there, Stony’s certainly isn’t in the upper tier of Jersey burger joints.

-Bill Doyle

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