By Jeff Deminski

Please don't get me wrong. I support gay rights. If you're a listener of the show you know I support gay marriage. But I found it funny to hear that there's yet another big event scheduled this weekend in Asbury Park for the gay community. Didn't they just have their Pride day a few weeks ago? Now it's "Sand Blast Weekend". Some 4,000 people are expected to attend, even from as far away as Europe, for events ranging from "Bikini Beach Drag Party" which was last night, to "Sand Blast Gay Volleyball Social Games". They'll also have yoga on the beach, a handbag toss, and a burlesque show.

I guess us straight guys need to get out more. Maybe some competitions like the alimony check toss and the watch our beer bellies grow challenge, and perhaps a Dockers fashion show. Kidding aside, good for them. Whatever floats their boat. Asbury Park has been economically rejuvenated by the LGBT community. I am reminded of a funny story though when an old friend of mine took his wife and kid down to Florida to visit Disney World not realizing it was the same week as Gay Days when the vacation resort seems to be taken over entirely by one big PrideFest. My friend and his wife had no idea what they were walking into. Within minutes they realized there were very few children and lots of same sex couples in line for It's A Small World After All. As far as his son, it turned into what the world now calls a "teachable moment".

So if you're a member of that particular community and want to make some plans this weekend, check out their website by clicking here.