Once again high temperatures Thursday just reached the low 60’s, no better than 64 in Atlantic City and cooler by a degree or two in a few spots.  Today, assuming we have clouds and some sunshine, a few highs will make it to 70 in spots, cooler near the ocean.

Some clouds still around tonight, 50's to near 60.

Variable clouds Saturday, with just the chance of an afternoon shower.  High 65 to 70.

Saturday will be a good day to get ready to be prepared for next week’s storm, which should be arriving Sunday night.

In fact there will be rain and increasing winds on Sunday, something that we can handle, but the storm system will probably be in the neighborhood of a couple 100 miles east of North Carolina by later Sunday night.  It will be just off the Delaware/Maryland Coast by the time we get to Monday night.  It may be in the neighborhood of 100 miles South of coastal Ocean county by Monday night.

But gale force winds of 40 miles per hour or higher will be extending over 300 miles away from the storm so by Sunday night into Monday and Monday night, Tropical Storm force perhaps even hurricane force gusts occurring.  That means coastal flooding at the time of high tide and flooding from rainfall.  By the time the storm wraps up, we could see up to 8 inches of rain, maybe more.