FedEx Pat's "Shooting Star" last month... (Craig Allen photo)

It is that time of the (new) year...the Christmas lights have come down!

The annual "Festival of Christmas Lights" has ended in my neighborhood.

The shooting star was right here! (Craig Allen photo)

FedEx Pat's entire display is down. The lights went dark, right after January 1st. Its all packed up, until Thanksgiving weekend.

Click here to see FedEx Pat's 2012 display!

Cornershow Bob is dismantling his display a bit at a by day.

There are a few bulbs on the ground...but where is Santa's sleigh? (Craig Allen photo)

Click here for Bob's 2012 display!

Its OVER.....Its so sad!

But, both "friendly competitors" assure me that they already have the ideas and the lights that they'll both need to top themselves come November and December!

Not that I want another year to go "whizzing by" (like Chuck Berry sings in "Run Rudolph Run"), but I can't wait!

And, you'll get the story and photos here at!


The "joy" will return Christmas 2013! (Craig Allen photo)