ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease

Last Saturday, November 5th I had the honor of acting as The Master of Ceremonies for The 16th Annual Phil Villapiano Field of Hope Gala, a benefit for funding research for ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. I started my welcome speech by telling the audience that "I wasn't happy to be there." I wasn't happy to be there because every year I attend this wonderful event, there are fewer faces in the crowd. There are fewer faces because they have lost their battle with ALS. It's been 70 years since Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with ALS. 70 years later, there is still no known cure for this always fatal disease. The wonderful people that I have come to know who have this gut wrenching disease continue to lose their battle. I ended my speech saying that the reason I continue to attend The Gala is because we have to have HOPE. We have to hope that this is the month, this is the year that your donated dollar is the one that brings the cure to those affected by ALS. Your dollar may be the one that helps the hard working scientists and doctors stop the fatal path of this terrible disease. I will always continue to have hope, I will continue to support the need to raise research dollars for ALS. Please join me in having hope. Please make a donation to The MDA of Tinton Falls, you can reach them at 732-936-9940. Thanks.