Vice President Joe Biden says President Barack Obama saved the country from economic collapse and deserves another term in the White House.

Biden says that he and Obama are "on a mission to move this nation forward, from doubt and downturn to promise and prosperity."

In his speech to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Biden called both Obama and Republican Mitt Romney good family men with values. But he said that Romney's outlook is far different from Obama's, and that the president is looking out more for the ordinary man.

Biden, who represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate, said that Obama distinguished himself in his calm and deliberative handling of the near financial collapse and deep recession not long after he took office.

He tells fellow Democrats that, quote, "day after day, night after night, I sat beside him as he made one gutsy decision after another."

He said that Obama "had what it took when the American people stood at the brink of a new Depression" in 2009.


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