What a year it has been. Between all of the new music, movies, television shows, news stories, foreign dictators dying at a record pace. It's safe to say, 2011 was jam packed. As this week rolls on, and the year that was comes to an end, the internet is going to be flooded with year end lists. The best of this, the worst of that. I figured I'd take a moment to share with you what I believe is the best viral video of 2011.


Almost daily, a new video hits the mainstream web and clogs up Google results, our Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines. Some are better than others. Some are funny, some have a deep message... they're all special in their own way. That's what makes them spread so quick.

So, which was the best?

Over the last six months, the band Queen held auditions for an exclusive tribute band, otherwise known as Queen Extravaganza. All of the members were to be selected by the surviving members of Queen. YouTube was hit hard with auditions from all around North America. Some were laughable and others were okay. You could tell some of the contestants had talent, but Freddie Mercury isn't a voice you can just replicate, right? I mean, he's regarded by many as having one of the best singing voices ever.

Well, a Canadian musician by the name of Marc Martel had other plans. He posted his audition to YouTube. The rest is history. If you still have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, check out the video below.

Martel went on to perform live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Oh yeah, he also won a spot in Queen Extravaganza. Personally, I think he should be the new lead for Queen!

I have heard this about twenty times in total now and I still get the chills in the beginning. Once again, Marc Martel's rendition of "Somebody To Love" is my pick for Viral Video of the Year.