I'm sure you know there's an art on how to shop.  The "experts" say there is one day of the week that's best to visit the supermarket.

Flickr / Jaro Larnos

The people at Lifehacker say that Wednesday is the best day to visit the grocery store.

First off, and this obviously goes for any day, never shop for food on an empty stomach.

For most of us weekends are the most convenient time to shop. The thing is many stores start their new sales during the middle of the week.  Here's another little secret, did you know that some stores will  honor the previous week's sale items?

You're probably dog tired after work, but try to shop Wednesday evening.  Wednesday night is when perishables prices are drastically  reduced.  You may get up to a fifty percent saving on some produce, meat, and bakery items.

So, as the great Donna Summer said "She works hard for the money."  I hope this helps you gals and guys save for the holidays and all year 'round.