First of all, would you expect to get reimbursed for your ring should you lose it on the job? You might think that someone like a cop on duty working through Hurricane Sandy might deserve reimbursement.

Then again, since it’s taxpayer money, you might not.

That was the deal Officer Michael Campbell found himself in.

During the storm, Officer Campbell rescued 4 Belmar residents, and at some point, lost his wedding ring.

According to this:

About three weeks later, Campbell sought $1,600 from Belmar for the lost ring. Belmar officials approved using taxpayer dollars to reimburse him.

In March, a resident who requested copies of Belmar’s financial documents related to Sandy noticed the reimbursement and ­questioned borough officials about its legality, Borough Administrator Colleen Connolly said.

Campbell later repaid the town, she said.

“It was an oversight,” said Palmisano, who did not sign off on the invoice.

With so many eyes required to review and approve how Belmar spends public money, Councilman James Bean said he believes what occurred was not a “simple mistake.”

“Whether it was a mistake or not, this is unacceptable,” Bean said. “It’s not our money we’re spending here.”

Should police officers rip their uniforms or break other inexpensive items while on duty, Belmar has a policy that allows them to be reimbursed, Palmisano said.
The policy specifically excludes wedding rings, Palmisano said, along with other expensive items such as designer sunglasses or watches.

According to Mayor Matt Doherty. “The officer did the right thing and reimbursed the town,”

But you wonder whether or not he should have been wearing his ring in the first place.

Hate to say, but I never wear mine, or if I do, since I’m the “house guido”, it’s usually around my neck along with my cross and St. Jude medal my dad used to wear. (Lot of good it did him!)

It’s common knowledge that dudes who wear their wedding rings are the ones women on the prowl usually snare, or at least try to snare.

Same goes for guys. They wear their rings to get a little boo-tay!

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