You know what a Friday night SOUNDS like at New Jersey 101.5...but what does it LOOK like? Enjoy a photo tour!

In the front door I the sun starts to set across the Great Garden State! I'm ready to kick off the music portion of your weekend! As I head down the hall...

...I get to the screener's area, and say HI to Joe V, who is taking your calls!

In the above picture, you can see Jeff & Bill doing the show in the main control room! This is the view that Joe V gets of the show. This is taken through the window from the screener's area.

Above, you see the guys from the news booth...looking back into the main control room.

By the way, if you're wondering...

...the "temporary" studio is quiet. This is the room that we used while the new control room was being built.

And now, since its after 7pm, its MY turn!

Crank up "Jersey's Favorite Hits" with me, til midnight (Eastern)!

Big Joe Henry will be back with you tomorrow and Sunday morning at 10am (Eastern).

And, join me (Craig Allen) again tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, and Sunday night at 7pm (Eastern) on New Jersey 101.5 and!