There seems to be head-scratching stories across the nation daily, but an incident in Phoenix takes it to a whole different level.

36-year old Valerie Topete has been arrested after being accused of pouring beer into her 2 year old son's sippy cup.

Phoenix police were called to Peter Piper Pizza after witnesses say they saw Topete pour beer from a pitcher into the sippy cup, followed by her child drinking some of it and falling out of the chair.

The witnesses suspected the child may have been intoxicated from the beer.

Police say that the mother admitted to pouring beer into the cup because her son kept reaching for the pitcher, claiming it was "reverse psychology" to make him stop.

Responding officers determined that the substance in the cup was, in fact, beer.

The child was brought to the hospital as a precaution, but later released to his father.

As for Topete, she is being held on a count of child abuse.