I don’t know why we’d even gotten into this topic the other night – but it had to do with our final wishes on where to be buried – or spreading our ashes.

My wife mentioned that her mother wished for her ashes to be strewn on the beach in Coney Island, which is where she had her most pleasant memories.

Settling amidst the waves that bring in the tide of "Coney Island whitefish!"

Not a good visual - she deserves better!

I’m opting for having some of my ashes dumped at sea off the Jersey Shore – and perhaps the rest of them sent flying into the air off the roof of the tenement where we lived in Brooklyn.

It all kind of reminds me of the country song I used to play by singer Joe Diffee called “Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox When I Die!”

Isn’t the place that means the most to you where you’d want your remains to be spread - assuming you opt for cremation?

And so it is with Donald Trump - although he's opting for burial.

After having pronounced that he originally wanted to build a family cemetery at the Trump National Golf Course – a representative for the Organization stated that, while he’s not in need of a resting place right now, he’s thinking of having his remains left in Florida.

Originally the plans were to have a private cemetery on the grounds of the golf course intended to be for him and his immediate family.

He has tried over a few years to get permission from the town – which have approved the plan for 10 grave sites.

However that all may have changed.

To my mind, what the hell’s the difference where your remains are left? Who the hell’s gonna go and see you (or your gravesite – should you have one) – after you die!

I love it when families say things like, “….I went to see daddy today at the cemetery!”