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One night while living in Marlboro and babysitting, I watched “Help’ on the late movie followed by “A Hard Days Night” on Channel 7. Now this was 10 years after the Beatles made their triumphant appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. I was barely a teenager at the time, but those movies changed my life. Up until then I never really cared much about the Beatles or music in general. The next morning, I went to the store Two Guys and bought as many Beatles albums as I could afford and listened to them over and over. I then proceeded to read as many books as I could about them and soon became immersed not only in their music, but what these four guys , each with a different personality, were all about.

The Beatles taught me to look at the world differently. It seemed that whatever I was feeling, they had a song for. From the adolescent songs that were written in the first person in the beginning, to the more mature, political, statement making songs that would come later on.

There will never be another band like The Beatles. They came at the right time when America had just lost their young President and thanks to the baby boomers, there were more teenagers in the world than ever before. Those kids really thought they could change the world and they would be led by four lads from Liverpool who would provide the soundtrack for one of the most rebellious decade ever.

Here we are fifty years later and there’s still so much interest that CBS brought Paul and Ringo back for a two hour special at the same time they took the stage in 1964. David Letterman who now occupies the Ed Sullivan theatre where the boys first performed, will interview them.

I can’t think of any other event that was worth remembering to this extent. The Beatles not only changed the lives of those who saw them, but their children and grandchildren as well. That’s why there will be people of all ages riveted to the TV Sunday night. Just like there was 50 years ago.

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