A large crowd gathered on Morristown Green Monday to watch an unusual visitor: a bear cub.

Bears aren't uncommon in Morris County — though they're usually seen a bit farther west. Morristown itself is mostly urban; the Green is a small, highly traveled park in the middle of the downtown.

MorristownGreen.com reports the bear was first spotted in the morning behind a trash recepticle and in Evergreen Cemetery before wandering over to the Green and jumping from tree-to-tree. A team from the state Department of Environmental Protection was en route Monday afternoon to capture the bear.

The town, meanwhile, asked people to stay away from the Green.

Later Monday afternoon, the bear was tranquilized, and a state wildlife expert and a Morristown fireman retrieved it from a tree on the Green. Officials reportedly expected the bear would be released to the Black River Wildlife Management Area in Chester.