Words can hurt.

This week's message that provokes a few thoughts on my part. (Craig Allen photo)

How many times have you said to yourself: "WOW...I wish I could take that back!" Maybe, you've even said it aloud in front of the person who whose feelings you have hurt.

As a society, we're in a rush.

There's plenty of pressure on us...in both our professional lives, and our personal lives.

And, as a result, we may "snap," and say (or do) something "in the heat of the moment."

Something that causes hurt feelings...bruised egos. A rift.

I've heard it said over the years...and it works:

Take a deep breath, and count to three.

You'll "cool off."

Its just enough time to think...take stock of the situation...and as the saying goes: "cooler heads will prevail."


Think...before you speak!

And, this has nothing to do with "political correctness"...its just common sense.

Just......Be Kind.

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