With great joy comes great risk. The holiday season offers several opportunities for danger and tragedy. A Camden expert is offering some prevention tips.

David Munoz, fire prevention specialist in Camden, says the largest number of cooking fires is seen between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. He advises folks to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, and know how to use it.

He adds, You want to keep handles turned to the inside of the stove. That way, when the kids are running around, or even yourself, you dont want to topple a frying pan, causing burn injuries.

Also, with the drop in outdoor temperatures, fire departments across the state deal with many heater issues. Munoz advises adults to make sure they know what they are doing when cranking up certain appliances for the first time in months. He also recommends checking home smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

The holidays can be especially dangerous for an amateur at decorating. Munoz advises against plugging multiple strands of holiday lights into one extension cord, as it could short circuit a homes electrical system and cause a chain reaction of problems.

The prevention tips even come in handy when picking out a tree for the home.

You want a good, healthy tree when you purchase it, explains Munoz. Keep it watered, and definitely keep candles away from the Christmas tree.

Munoz says the best defense against fire is preventing one in the first place.