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Gov. Chris Christie poses for a snapshot in Denver(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Illegals Sent to New Jersey - Amidst a divisive illegal immigration debate comes confirmation the federal government is sending unaccompanied children who entered the United States illegally to New Jersey. More than 1,500 children have been placed with sponsor families so far. Typically these are relatives or family friends. And it appears the Obama administration made the placements without notifying New Jersey; Governor Christie says no one contacted his office.

Obama Bashing - Speaking in Colorado, Gov. Christie again took a shot at President Obama calling his refusal to visit the US/Mexican border evidence of Obama's "unwillingness to lead." Christie is wrapping up a two-day trip to Colorado and comes as he continues to consider a run for President.

Operation Predator Alert II - They seemed like nice, normal fellows. Productive members of the community. But it turns out they were anything but. A total of 14 New Jersey men have been arrested on an assortment of child pornography charges.

14 men have charged in a second round of arrests in “Operation Predator Alert." (NJ Office of the Attorney General)

The Legend of the Snake -
The saga of the Snake in the Lake continues but for now it's relegated to urban legend. The state has called off its search for the creature saying there is no biological or scientific evidence a 16-foot Anaconda is living in Lake Hopatcong. Many still believe it, others are not sure. But for now it's just a myth.

Ocean County family that won a Pick 6 jackpot (Ilya Hemlin, Townsquare Media NJ)

Ocean County 17 - Seventeen brothers and sisters from Ocean County will be splitting a winning lottery jackpot worth over $20 million dollars.

Tornado Tragedy - A Jersey City couple camping in Virgina are dead after a tornado ripped up a tree and dropped it on their tent. Their 13-year old son is in critical condition after fierce storms tore through the campground.

Officer Road Rage - A Newark police officer is being accused of pulling his gun on a New Jersey family in an alleged road rage incident. Officer David Hudson was off duty when he was cut off. Prosecutors say he followed the family and when the stopped, jumped out of his car, pulled his gun and pointed it the head of the driver with his wife and 11-year old son in the car. The 21-year veteran of the force is facing multiple charges

On Alert
- Following the execution-style shooting of a Jersey City police officer and the death of his killer almost 2 weeks ago, cops and state troopers have remained on heightened alert after leaders of the United Blood Nation threatened to kill more.

Palestinian Protests - An Israeli defense official says the security cabinet is meeting to discuss international cease-fire efforts, but also the option of expanding its ground operation in Gaza. A Palestinian health official says the Gaza death toll has risen to 808, with 115 Palestinians killed on Thursday. Israeli police say thousands of security forces have been deployed around Jerusalem's Old City in preparation for possible Palestinian protests Friday. Protests also have spread to the West Bank.

Securing the Crash Site - Australia's Prime Minister says his country is close to finalizing a deal with Ukraine to send police and a small number of troops to secure the Malaysian plane crash site as part of a multinational team. Prime Minister Tony Abbott says 90 Australian federal police officers are on standby to be deployed to the site in eastern Ukraine where the plane was shot down last week. Pro-Russian separatists control the area and have hampered investigators' attempts to access the site.

Suburban Ghost Towns - New Jersey's suburban office buildings are going the way of the dinosaur according to the state's leading economist. He says generation "Y," Millennials and the "Digerati" have no interest in going to an office every day and they don't need to either.

Too Many Teeth - Dental surgeons in India say they're surprised by the number of teeth they've had to remove from a teen boy's mouth -- 232 teeth. Surgeons say the 17-year-old has a condition called Odontoma, a rare condition in which a tumor grows under a gum and creates smaller tooth-like growths called denticles. It took a team of dental surgeons seven hours to remove the 232 denticles in an operation this week. The teen is now recovering.





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