Democratic Senator Barbara Buono enters hostile territory with strong Republican leanings to talk about her run for Governor.

Senator Barbara Buono (D) with Tom Mongelli in the Townsquare Media NJ Toms River studios (Townsquare Media NJ)

At Townsquare Media studios in Toms River Wednesday, Buono says at the onset, she's been met by skeptics who are as keenly aware as she is, the challenges she faces in running against a popular Governor. But Buono says they've since stopped asking those questions.

"When they first asked why I was running? I said how could I not run? Look at the shape our state is in? I know that people are suffering, our unemployment is the highest in the region."

Buono also says despite Governor Christie's efforts, property taxes continue to rise for Garden State residents.

"Our property taxes have soared 20 percent under this Governor because he cut property tax rebates and he said he wouldn't as a candidate, because he cut school funding which he said he wouldn't causing property taxes to rise."

She also says while Christie is traveling around the country for the National Republican Party, Jerseyans continue to face a high rate of foreclosures, but she says she has a plan to help turn things around.

"Well, in the short term, we have to have compassion in New Jersey. We have to re-institute property tax rebates. This is something that I feel adamant about."

Buono also spoke about the need to stimulate small business in New Jersey, but criticized the Christie administration of directing most of the rebates to big businesses.

The Democratic Gubernatorial candidate also addressed her stance on gun control and gay marriage. Listen to and watch the interview below.

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