Are you looking to find out where gun owners live? There’s an app for that, but one New Jersey lawmaker thinks it should be illegal. Assembly Republican Conference Leader Dave Rible says he’s drafting a bill to outlaw the possession of apps and other technologies that allows users to find the addresses of gun owners they consider ‘potentially unsafe.’

“Making information about the locations of firearms available on an app is an invitation to criminals who are looking for guns to steal,” said Rible. “We wouldn’t allow an app to be sold that tells bank robbers where they can find the keys to the bank vault so why should we tell criminals where they can find unsecured guns?”

The Gun Geo Marker App asks users to electronically mark the locations of suspected unsafe gun owners including those who may not secure their weapons. Rible thinks this could make gun owners a target for anyone looking to steal their firearms.

“This type of app will put lives at risk and we need to take steps to ensure this kind of dangerous product is banned in New Jersey,” said Rible. “Criminals may think twice about using this kind of technology if they know they are looking at three years in prison.”

The bill Rible will introduce would make possession of the app or similar technology a fourth degree crime. Those convicted of using the app during the commission of a crime would be subject to mandatory prison sentences.