A displaced Sandy victim called in to Townsquare Media's Ask the Governor program tonight expressing frustration that her bad credit was causing her to be denied for temporary housing despite having a FEMA voucher guaranteeing payment of the rent. She posed her issue to Governor Chris Christie for consideration.

"Everywhere I go to try and find a place to stay, I get denied because of my credit even though FEMA is guaranteeing to pay the rent for me," Evelyn from Port Monmouth said. "Where do I go?"

Christie said he couldn't understand why that would be happening especially since FEMA is guaranteeing the rent.

The Governor  promised to have a member of NJ's Division of Community Affairs follow up with her, saying, "With those FEMA guarantees, there shouldn't be a reason why people aren't willing to do something here for Evelyn and folks like her."

Christie explained that the vouchers are being distributed to victims to help pay rent, to pay for hotel lodging and that the vouchers will be paid for the foreseeable future until the victims can get "back on their feet with permanent housing."

"Here's what I want to tell people," Christie said. "There are going to be a lot of these moments. Okay? Where something's supposed to happen -- doesn't happen."

He says there will be frustrations, and urges people to call the Governor's Office where a full team of people are available to help people work the maze of government.

"But I'm here to tell you that the Governor's Office is going to do everything we can to be able to go through those problems for you and get you some help," Christie said.

If it's a business issue, Christie says to call the Business Action Center at (866) 534-7789.