If you've never introduced your kids to the original Curious George, The Muppets, classic Star Wars or Peanuts characters...now is your chance! While our generation often sees kids today as deprived for never knowing how awesome it was to grow up in the 1980s, thanks to google, YouTube and some great collector's items, we have the chance to share some great memories with our children. We can capture the essence of this great era through throwback action figures, old videos and of course, by bringing back some of the outrageous 80s styles!

Nothing says classic like the retro tin square lunchbox! (Remember these?) Luckily, people have kept these items over the years, making them still available to this day. Don't just do your typical back-to-school shopping - send your kid to school with one of these classic lunchboxes straight from the 80s!

The Muppets Lunchbox

This timeless classic featuring Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and friends is guaranteed to impress current day kids of all ages. Did you throw away your old VCR copies of the show? No worries- just YouTube the hit and you'll get your fix of lots of old Muppet Show footage to share with your little ones. Most kids appreciate a great show, regardless of the year it was established. Plus, they're sure to stand out with this unique, old-school Muppets Show lunchbox tin!


Curious George Lunchbox

You've gotta love this Curious George vintage style lunchbox with a classic depiction of George on his bike! Curious George has withstood the times, so lots of kids are familiar with the loveable character and his hysterical antics through books, film, and the television series. But do your children know that you grew up with George too? Share your stories over this awesome lunchbox and your kids will proudly carry it to school!


MC Hammer Lunchbox

Okay, so we know it's more of a 90s item, and we don't really expect you to put your kid through the embarrassment of being seen with this one, but we had to add it to the list! This "vintage" box is for anyone who remembers those pants, the dance moves and of course those famous words: 2 Legit 2 Quit (and it's glorified hand gestures)! Perhaps this lunchbox should be tucked away somewhere, but we have to give kudos to the owner who has saved this Hammertime Lunchbox over the years and could possibly profit from it!


Wonder Woman Lunchbox

If you've had enough of the princess-themed everything and would like to switch things up, give your kids a glimpse of the strong, fierce and powerful classic figure from way back...Wonder Woman! She's as "beautiful as Aphrodite" and as "wise as Athena" and thanks to this great collectible lunchbox, she could be a part of your kids' lives just like she was part of ours!


Peanuts Lunchbox

Unless you grew up under a rock, you certainly remember Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and friends! What better way to take a trip down memory lane than to share the stories with your own children? This classic Peanuts-themed lunchbox is colorful and entertaining - it even has an original comic strip wrapped around its sides! The retro look and tin design is also unique, sure to give you bonus points for setting your kid above the rest!


Star Wars Lunchbox

With so many remakes in recent years, it can be hard to give kids a true depiction of what a "classic" really is. Portraying the original Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, this vintage Star Wars Lunchbox indeed delivers. Not only is it sure to impress at the cafeteria, it also serves as an amazing collector's item.


What was your first or most favorite lunchbox? Leave your comments below.